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Dalia Iris is a Personal Life Coach, National Association of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer, and a Health & Wellness Consultant. She is a graduate of Tulane University. Prior to moving to Colorado, Dalia was a Personal Trainer at the New Orleans Athletic Club.

Dalia’s fitness focus lies in
individualized body optimization via spirit, soul, and body integration. Her unique approach helps clients find the strength to tackle life’s many challenges with fortitude, peace, and confidence. She helps clients find their Inner Warrior.

Dalia has 20 years of experience in resistance training, 17 in martial arts, 8 in kickboxing, as well as many years of experience in yoga, pilates, and volleyball.
Dalia has trained clients from all walks of life, including recent moms, fashion models, former athletes, actors, CEO’s, entrepreneurs, doctors, grandmothers and everyone-in-between. Her clients ranged from 16 to 86 years of age.

Dalia uses her extensive fitness and life background to custom tailor workouts for each individual. Her vast experience has made her focus her methodology on injury prevention, post trauma and post injury corrective exercise into optimal function. She has then transitioned her clients into stronger, more balanced, more flexible, and leaner individuals. Dalia often exceeds her clients’ expectations and beliefs on what is possible, elevating their quality of life. Dalia uses life coaching to train the body and she uses body training to life coach. To her, they are one and the same.

Dalia’s past work experience includes public service and private sector initiatives. However, she has found her true calling in Health & Fitness. Dalia has learned how to overcome her own injuries, improper nutrition, sedentary lifestyle, and weight fluctuations. She understands that getting into shape and realigning
Self can be a daunting task. Hence, she believes in an appropriate yet progressive tempo, which is tailored to each individual’s needs. She is thrilled to share her passion for movement and life coaching. Dalia finds it fulfilling to see positive growth in her clients’ transformations. The results speak for themselves.